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While I do find it a little on the strange side that in my early 40’s I am having more casual sex than I was at any other point in my life if you look at it logically it does make sense. For one I am not as picky as I once was, I am also a little more up to date on where you can find

I think when you have the patience for anything you seem to have a better chance of getting it. Men are hot heads, we know that’s just a fact. If you get that part out of your system the reward that you might get will be well worth your trouble. With so many local girls desperately needing local casual sex, there are many things that men can do to improve their chances of hooking up.

I’m not just talking out of my ass here this is me talking from experience. You can take my advice or you can just choose your own path to go. That is a choice that only you can make because I am not going to make it for you. Have a good day and I do hope and pray that you make the right one!

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