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I’ve always been a pretty good listener. I really don’t get much choice on the matter. Not when my friends all seem to be having girlfriend issues and guess who they all want to talk about it with? I’ve just about had enough and you know what gets me the most, I don’t even have a girlfriend and they don’t even notice. Sure, they see me with Istanbul escorts all the time but they don’t actually know these girls are escorts.

As far as my friends are concerned they come to me with all their problems because they see me with hot babes and figure I must be good with the ladies. Honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth, I actually suck with women but what I don’t suck at is being able to have beautiful girls around me.

While I could share my little secret with them and let them discover the hot girls at escort Bayan, I kinda figure why should I? Sure they are my friends but I’m a little bit greedy when it comes to sharing my escort babes around. I don’t mind if you guys use them as you’re always here to listen to me when I need you guys the most!

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