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Like most hobbyists I prefer my escorts to be a little on the younger side, say between 19-23. I like them to be fresh and new to the scene, once an escort has been in the business for a few months I find they loose all their “authenticity” and simply become a somewhat faker that doesn’t have the genuine touch that a girl new to the scene has. Most people laugh when they find out just how much I’ve spent over the years on escorts, but the average divorce costs much more than I have ever spent.

I guess most hobbyists might think being with a “younger” escort is good because they’ll do anything you want them to do. I think that’s pure bullshit, if anything it makes it harder but its that part of the challenge that I like the most. The thrill of the chase with a smoking hot escort is what sends chills up my spine. The escorts that I’ve had the pleasure of being with have always remained professional even the newer ones. You can take a tour for escort hobbyists in US and maybe learn a thing or two from those more experienced than yourself!

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