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Heathrow Escort Service

Escorts earn their living by pleasing men, but a lot of clients take interest in her pleasure as well. This leaves some wondering if escorts have real orgasms or if they are just faking it. Although escorts are paid for their companionship, most will end up having sex with their clients. So do these women who have experience with so many men actually get into it or are they just faking to get the job done? It depends. If it is your first time together, she is probably faking. But if you are a regular client of hers and she is comfortable with you, it could very possibly be the real deal.

How can you tell? Watch her as she climaxes. Pay attention to the contractions or trembling of her body. Does her face flush? Does she smile after it’s done? Does it take her a second to get her composure back? The easiest confirmation of orgasm is if she is a squirter. It is possible the orgasm is real even if you don’t notice those things, but less likely. Our advice would be to just go with it. Even if she is faking, it is not a big deal and shouldn’t ruin the experience. If you are really concerned, talk to her about it beforehand and ask her what really excites her. Instead of diving right in, spend some time on the clitoris. It can be a phenomenal orgasm trigger if you do it right. Ask her to show you.

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